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2 Epic Oregon Scenic Bikeways

McKenzie Pass Hwy 242  - We offer Shuttles 541-822-6272

"Starting at an elevation of about 3,000 feet in Sisters, cyclists gradually climb approximately 900 feet over 9 miles before reaching the east snow gate, which is where the car-free goodness begins.

Almost immediately after the gate, snow starts to appear along the roadside. At first scattered in patches, the snow eventually becomes a constant companion, one that at times towers over riders on both sides of the road. To save money, ODOT first plows a path down the center of the highway over the McKenzie Pass, then lets the road clear naturally as the snow melts before plowing it again later in the spring. This makes for the canyonlike white walls that define the ride.

While the ride to the snow gate is one long, gradual climb, the final 6-mile stretch before the summit has more curves and elevates more dramatically. Riders go from about 3,900 feet at the snow gate to 5,300 feet at the observatory."  Read more

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Aufderheide Hwy 19 - We offer Shuttles 541-822-6272

62.3 Miles one way Blue River to Westfir.  You could also start in Westfir bike to McKenzie River Mountain Resort for a comfortable nights sleep and bike back again the next day.  Another option for riders who like a big ride is a 142 mile loop that goes from Blue River to Westfir to Eugene and back to Blue River. 


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McKenzie River Mountain Resort operates under a special use permit with Willamette National Forest and is an equal opportunity outdoor recreation service provider.

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